Martin County website’s new search tool: ‘What’s Happening in My Neighborhood?’

Looking to find information on Martin County projects, 24/7 from anywhere with internet access, including mobile devices? Martin County has developed a  new project information search tool available on the County’s website called “What’s Happening in My Neighborhood?” This user-friendly application provides a central repository of project information for County projects, such  as capital improvements and Community Redevelopment Area initiatives.

Over 40 countywide projects, ranging from drainage/road/sewer improvements to  building restorations, are currently listed. The public can easily search for  projects by keyword, using drop down lists or by navigating through an  interactive map. The public may view the status of these projects, learn more details and even contact staff assigned to the project. County staff provide timely and regular updates on their projects.

To access the “What’s Happening in My Neighborhood?” web page, visit  Then begin your search with the drop-down “I Want To/Find/ Projects In My Neighborhood” to find current information.


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