‘Martin County vs. The World: Here Come de Judge’

Nancy Smith (Source: Sunshine State News)

Former editor and controversial columnist at The Stuart News, Nancy Smith, now executive editor at The Sunshine State News, details her views on proposed amendments to The Martin County Comprehensive Growth Management Plan: “Why would county commissioners approve changes to their comprehensive plan they knew would be challenged by a state agency, a constitutional authority and as many as four private stakeholders?

“What [former Martin County commissioner] Hurchalla and the gang did to sell maverick amendments backed neither by science nor facts — amendments that lacked the help of consultants to work with county staff on data and analysis that would justify the amendments — is to create a website sharing her changes to Chapters 1, 2 and 4, which includes the Future Land Use Amendment. Public meetings followed, all run by the gang — 1000 Friends of Florida, Guardians of Martin County and the Martin County Conservation Alliance.

“A first-class staging. Any one of the gang will swear up and down that Martin County citizens have had input from beginning to end. “

For the complete column: http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/martin-county-vs-world-or-here-come-de-judge

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