Martin County to battle mosquito fallout from Isaac’s rains: check your spray schedule here

(Source: Florida Mosquito Control Association)

CBS12 reports that with the rains from Isaac this week it won’t take long for a mosquito to take over your neighborhood. In less than 3 days, mosquitoes can lay eggs and breed in standing water. Martin County will start spraying all regions to try and reduce the number of mosquitos in the county. The Health Departments in all Treasure Coast counties are monitoring closely for any signs of West Nile virus. For CBS12 video:

CHECK OUT YOUR ZONE and DAILY SPRAY SCHEDULE at,652090&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Everyone recognizes that mosquitoes can be a real nuisance, but most people do not realize the magnitude of the health threat that they represent. Some of the world’s most dreaded diseases are known to be carried and transmitted by mosquitoes. Many countries around the world are ravaged yearly by malaria, yellow fever, and dengue-hemorrhagic fever. In the United States, encephalitis and dog heartworm are the primary mosquito-borne diseases, but dengue has recently crossed the Mexican border into Texas and is now seen as a serious public health threat.

A consistent threat to Florida pet owners is dog heartworm. A parasite transmitted by the mosquito becomes lodged in the heart and lungs, and if left untreated, severe physical damage and death may occur. Beyond viral and parasitic diseases, other health problems caused by mosquitoes include allergy and infection. In some cases, the chemicals within the mosquitoes’ saliva are injected into its blood-meal victim, causing serious allergic reactions.

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