Martin County Sheriff’s Office to send deputies to Presidential Inauguration

(Source: 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee)

From MCSO: Members of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office are preparing to head to Washington DC to assist with security for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Sheriff William Snyder himself will be traveling to DC alongside his team for the inaugural detail.

For security reasons, the number of MCSO personnel going to Washington DC will not be disclosed, however, they will be among the 3,200 members of law enforcement and 7,000 National Guardsmen set to provide security for the event.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is one of many agencies throughout the country to respond to a request by the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C, which sought out law enforcement support from jurisdictions nationwide.

This is a standard practice for urban police departments faced with national-scale events.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office will be fully reimbursed by the federal government for travel, lodging, and per diem for all law enforcement officers working President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

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