Martin County Sheriff’s Office: Burglary alert for Miles Grant Community

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents in the Miles Grant Community, off of Cove Road, about several occupied burglaries which occurred over the weekend.The Sheriff’s Office is investigating at least four burglaries that took place overnight after homeowners retired for the evening. The victims were unaware that they had been burglarized until the following morning when they realized their valuables were missing. The suspect entered through an open door or window while the homeowners were sleeping. The burglar took cash, credit cards, wallets, keys and purses. MCSO believes the same suspect is responsible for all of the burglaries.

MCSO urges residents to keep their windows and doors locked at all times and use alarms at night. If you hear or see anything suspicious, call 9-1-1 immediately. Sheriff William Snyder has conducted a reverse 9-1-1 phone message, delivered through all residential phone lines within that community.

In addition, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office will have extra patrols in the Miles Grant Community.

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