Martin County Sheriff warns of telephone scam

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office warns residents about a telephone scam taking place throughout Florida. MCSO has no reports of this happening in our county as of yet, but be aware of the scam to stay ahead of this crime.

An unknown male identifying himself as a police officer or deputy with the agency’s traffic department is calling residents and advising them that they have an outstanding red light, or a traffic violation of some type.

The caller gives the victim an amount in which he claims they owe and advises them to go purchase a Green Dot card (pre-paid credit card) in the amount of the traffic fine. He will ask you to call him back when you have the card, so you can pay the fine over the phone. He may leave a return phone number, which is a prepaid phone, or he may call you back. Victims have been falling prey to this scam throughout Florida.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office wants residents to know that the MCSO will never call and ask that a fine be paid over the phone. Even if the caller threatens that your license will be suspended if you do not pay this fine, do not fall prey to this. All legitimate traffic violations are paid at the courthouse.

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