Martin County Sheriff enlists legislative help to crack down on ‘pillowcase burglars’

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder (l.) and Representative Charles McBurney, R-Jacksonville (Source: Martin County Sheriff’s Office/Florida House)

“We have this phenomena here in Martin County, and most counties in the state of Florida have this as well. And, that is we have traveling burglars that have been dubbed ‘the pillowcase burglars’ because they break into houses near interstates and ransack the house for small valuables, such as guns, jewelry, and cash, and put the items in a pillowcase and then leave,” said Martin County Sheriff William Snyder.

The former state lawmaker says most of the about 60 burglars his county has arrested recently have trekked from Broward County to Martin County. And, once they leave their home and travel into another county to commit a crime, Snyder says traditional law enforcement methods become less effective as authorities try to capture them.

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