Martin County Mosquito Control FAQs: Aerial spray map information here


This interactive web map application indicates the mosquito spray zones that will be sprayed each day. It allows the public to view the currently active spray zones and to determine the spray zone of a particular address. There is no spraying activity conducted Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Spray schedule may change due to weather conditions:


How does Martin County Mosquito Control decide where to spray?

Martin County Mosquito Control is committed to providing excellent service to residents while also operating within state and federal guidelines and regulations. In terms of mitigating disease risk, we are immediately notified by the health department of any potential mosquito-borne illness cases, and provide an intensive and targeted response in these areas. On a daily basis, we collect samples of mosquitoes from traps all over the county, identify the mosquito species in the laboratory, and then analyze the data to determine where there is a verifiable increase in the mosquito population over the legal threshold for treatments.

Once we have the surveillance data, we allocate resources and treatments to these areas, and monitor for the desired result. When you request an inspection, our Entomological Inspectors will inspect the area to determine the extent of the mosquito problem and if possible take action the resolve the issue.

Some of the solutions include eliminating water sources, treating standing water with larvicide, placing mosquito fish in fountains or decorative ponds, or spraying adult mosquitoes. Resident complaints are very helpful in determining where to send inspectors to collect the appropriate surveillance data, but they are not the sole variable in treatment recommendations.

How can I learn when the fog truck will be in my area?

Search “Mosquito Spraying” on the county website to see a map of where we will be spraying that evening, weather dependent:

There is no spraying activity conducted Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays. Spray schedule may change due to weather conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 772-419-6974 between the hours of 6:30 am to 3 pm, Monday thru Friday or submit a Request For Service

Can you send the fog truck down my driveway?

In the interest of the safety of our residents and our drivers, we only operate fog trucks on main roads. The Ultra-Low Volume application of our fog trucks is designed to spread out in a swath on either side of the road, meaning we are still able to control mosquitoes without diverting into private drives.

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