Martin County launches interactive financial transparency platform



Martin County has launched a new digital platform powered by OpenGov that provides residents, elected officials, and staff unprecedented access to the County’s finances and performance information.


The OpenGov platform transforms complex financial data into an interactive, digital format that enables better analysis and understanding of the County’s finances.


The intuitive design makes it easier to explore how taxpayer money is collected.


The platform may be accessed at .


The OpenGov platform displays government spending and revenue detail in a user-friendly portal.


Users can view historical revenue and expenditure trends over time and explore multiple views of financial data, including by fund, department, expense, or revenue type.


The data can be instantly searched and filtered according to specific detail such as vendor name, date description and even dollar amount.


County Administrator Taryn Kryzda led the initiative to make the County’s finances more transparent and understandable. “By making our financial data easily accessible in an intuitive, digital format, Martin County is demonstrating our commitment to not just efficient, but transparent, data-driven and open government.”


Martin County joins a growing list of more than 1,000 leading cities, counties, state agencies, school systems, and special districts across the country that leverage OpenGov technology.

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