Martin County defends Comprehensive Plan amendments


From the Martin County Board of County Commissioners: Martin County defended amendments to its award-wining Comprehensive Plan in front of the Florida Administration Commission, comprised of Governor Rick Scott and members of the Cabinet. The Commission takes final action on processes relating to comprehensive plans or plan amendments.

The issue is whether Martin County Comprehensive Plan Amendment 13-5, adopted in 2013, is in compliance with Florida Statutes. The amendment is currently being challenged by a local landowner, Midbrook 1st Realty Corporation. The Martin County Board of County Commissioners was represented by Chair Anne Scott.

In a prepared statement, Commissioner Scott said, “…The Martin County Commission takes our Comprehensive Plan very seriously. We work hard to make sure it reflects and protects growth and development goals of our citizens. The amendments before you today are a small part of a large package adopted August 2013. There were other challenges that were resolved quickly and amicably, by settlement with language revisions. This case is all that stands between Martin County and putting the amendment package into effect. We look forward to your decision and implementing our amendments. Please know that the County spent many hours deliberating these amendments. We heard testimony from dozens of interested citizens and stakeholders. We hope you take that into consideration as you deliberate today…”

The Administration Commission’s final order will implement all the Comprehensive Plan Amendments adopted in 2013 except for three items: splitting the urban service district; the calculation of multi-family in the residential capacity analysis; and the requirements of a 4-1 vote by County Commissioners for plan amendments that affect the pillars of the plan. The first two issues can be corrected quickly with remedial amendments. On the super majority issue, the Administration Commission said the County could have a super-majority provided it is supported by data and analysis.

The Martin County Board of County Commissioners will have this matter placed on an upcoming agenda whereby they will have an executive session for a briefing by their legal counsel, and then will have a public deliberation prior to a final determination.



































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