Martin County action alert from Nathaniel Reed: email these legislators now to stop HB1101 / SB1362

Users of Florida’s Waterways Beware:  Legislation to privatize state submerged land

The Florida Conservation Coalition, (Founder and Chairman, Bob Graham; Vice-Chairman, Nathaniel Pryor Reed), urge all residents to respond to this action alert.

HB 1101 by Representative Goodson ( ) and its companion bill SB 1362 by Senator Hays ( ) must be strongly opposed; please click or cut and paste these email addresses to send your messages now.

These bills redefine the present boundary line between privately owned land and public land in and along the State’s rivers, lakes and streams.  This boundary line is known as the “Ordinary High Water Line”. The effect of this legislation would be a lowering of the elevation of the Ordinary high Water Line, thus moving the ownership boundary of private lands further towards or into the water and shrinkage of acreage currently inpublic ownership.  This would result in huge transfers of publicly owned land along the State’s rivers, lakes and streams into private ownership and amount to the loss of thousands of acres of land that now belong to all the people of Florida.

These bills are not in the best interest of ordinary Floridians or visitors to our State.  If you are a sport fisherman, hunter, birdwatcher, kayaker or airboat enthusiast, it would mean that someday soon when headed to your favorite place you may encounter a barbed wire fence and “No Trespassing” sign blocking your way. Your ability to trave on our rivers and lakes in Florida may be limited to the main channel of the river or the most open water part of the lake.  In the future you may see roof tops, strip malls and parking lots where deer, ducks and wading birds used to live.

Representative Goodson and Senator Hays need to be contacted Right Now and urged to drop these special-interest bills that trade the beauty and health of our public lands for potentially hazardous development.  This is privitization of Florida’s public lands, rivers and lakes, pure and simple.  If these bills win passage, you lose part of Florida.

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