Martin Commissioner Anne Scott reconsiders vote; more on customs facility at 4/15 meeting

Commissioner Anne Scott (District 3)

Commissioner Anne Scott (District 3) made a motion at yesterday’s BOCC meeting to reconsider the customs facility vote from the previous Martin County Board of County Commissioners’ meeting of March 4.

The motion was seconded by Commissioner Ed Fielding (District 2)  and passed 3-2 (Fielding, Commission Chair Sarah Heard (District 4) and Scott supporting the motion; Commissioner Doug Smith (District 1) and Commissioner John Haddox (District 5) opposed.

Commissioner Scott expressed concerns that have been raised regarding the $1.4 million customs facility vote, causing her to reconsider the matter and to make sure there is a firm foundation for this project in the record.

Widespread public opinion and research confirm that a customs facility at Martin County’s community-friendly airport (Witham Field) will be a stepping-stone to international and national commercially scheduled flights, resulting in increased air traffic, fuel discharges, noise pollution, and taxes for all residents, property owners, and voters throughout the county.

Decreased property values for communities within a five-mile radius of the airport will be substantial. Many residents are unaware that a five-mile radius includes the City of Stuart, Palm City, the Town of Sewall’s Point, and Jensen Beach.

Proximity to the YMCA and several schools, some within 1000 ft of airport runways, is a continuing problem that will only increase with the addition of a customs facility.

The customs vote will be reconsidered at the April 15 meeting.

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