Martin collects 10,000+ cubic yards of Matthew debris in first week; check collection map here

Martin County began collecting vegetative debris from Hurricane Matthew on October 13, 2016. Approximately 10,000 cubic yards of the projected 60,000 cubic yards countywide was collected in the first week of the project. The collection is scheduled to occur in all residential areas, including private and gated communities.


The debris collection process will occur over a period of six weeks, and started in the northeast quadrant of the county because that was the area with the most impact. Crews will be moving to the south and west as zones are cleared, with estimated timeframes for the first pass ranging from one to four weeks based on proximity to the northeast quadrant. A map showing debris collection status can be accessed at


Residents may also call Martin County’s hurricane debris hotline for updated information. The phone number is 772-288-5658.


Residents are asked to separate vegetative and construction demolition debris when placing debris along the road right-of ways, and maintain a 5-foot clear zone around utility equipment. Do not place debris near mailboxes, structures, utility boxes, or other infrastructure that could be damaged by the collection equipment. The debris should be placed within the road right of way, but should not block roadways, sidewalks, drainage facilities, or create a sight distance hazard. Do not use plastic bags to contain your debris. Plastic bags containing debris will not be collected.


Normal trash pickup is currently occurring on your regularly scheduled days. Yard waste generated through normal weekly maintenance should be removed by the landscaping firm or stockpiled separately pursuant to regular guidelines and not added to Hurricane debris piles.

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