Mark your calendar: August 3, Citizens 4 Clean Water March Against Lake O Discharges



From the Citizens 4 Clean Water facebook page:

Our mission is simple… Awareness, Activism, Solution, for Clean Water!

We are here to bring people together to keep water issues at the forefront in order for real solutions. We believe in awareness and Clean Water activism in a peaceful manner. We Unite people and create power by numbers.
The first event we organized was a historically huge protest. Citizens 4 Clean Water came to life in the summer of 2013 when the Indian River Lagoon received 136 billion and the Caloosahatchee 413 billion gallons of polluted water. The water was so polluted that toxic algae blooms caused an unrecorded and unfathomed amount of destruction. Leaving the water unsafe for human contact for months!

It was Aug 3rd, 2013 when Citizens 4 Clean Water (C4CW) declared an opposition to the discharges. 12,000 people came out to support. The protest was strategically placed at the very gates where the polluted water entered our lagoon. It was also a place where thousands could come together to be heard across the nation. The roads were backed up for hours, the people roared and a movement was re born!

Immediately thousands of people joined in on spreading the awareness of how we had gone into a toxic summer! We were taking a stand. In fact there were so many angry citizens because nothing was being done by our government or elected officials that another protest was declared to allow the entire group to unite again in greater numbers! A third protest was called upon when our governor visited the St. Lucie locks in Stuart to asses damages.

C4CW was serving as a tool for our movement. No longer could things be swept under the rug with all of these people watching so closely. No longer could the tragedy be ignored and passed on for another summer or for future generations to deal with the aftermath.

Since than many groups and organizations have come together and taken a stand, from trips to D.C, Tallahassee or wherever the presence of people who cared was needed . What this has done is taken so many opinions of so many different solutions and united them into a call of action!

We believe that with enough awareness, there will come a solution.

Today Citizens for Clean Water continues to bring our water issues to the forefront.
Join us as we stand together, unite and put power where its needed to bring a permanent fix.

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