LWV immediate action alert: Contact legislators on bills that threaten Florida’s water resources

Florida has more wetlands than any other state but Alaska. They stop floods, clean up water pollution, and replenish drinking supplies. Yet despite government promises, they are disappearing. (Source: St. Petersburg Times)

Legislation being considered in both the state House and Senate threatens to harm Florida’s precious environment and the lives of all Floridians. Legislators need to hear from League of Women Voters (LWV) supporters TODAY protesting these unsound proposals, Senate Bill 1684 and House Bill 999.


Senate Bill 1684 by Senator Thad Altman would weaken current environmental law and severely diminish environmental protections. It is a 40 page long bill with about twenty provisions, each for a different special interest. According to the Orlando Sentinel, this wide-ranging environmental deregulation bill “is designed to, among other permitting tweaks, make it easier
for developers to build marinas and drill wells — and harder for state or local governments to regulate them.”
Sections of the bill:
  • Facilitate leases for the sugar industry to continue to pollute the Everglades 
  • Prohibit local governments from enforcing wetland regulations in water control districts 
  • Eliminate the ability of counties to regulate water wells, and limit county and city requests for information on development permits 
This lengthy, environmentally insensitive bill is expected to come before the full Senate for a vote soon.
The League of Women Voters of Florida is dedicated to promoting an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources. We need to make every effort to protect Florida’s environment against the many and varied special interests who wish to profit at the expense of our natural resources and environment.
Please ask your state Senator to vote NO on SB 1684! To find their contact information, please click here.
The House companion bill, House Bill 999, by Representative Jimmy Patronis, is even worse than the Senate bill and will be heard on the House floor this week.
Please contact your state Representative and ask them to vote NO on HB 999! To find their contact information, please click here.

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