Live web cam provides real-time Indian Street Bridge updates

The live web camera images will update every five minutes:

The scheduled activities for the month of February include:

  • Tie reinforcing steel and place concrete for bridge substructure, footings, columns and caps.
  • Tie reinforcing steel, set up overhang forms and screed rails for deck span.
  • Continue to¬† pour bridge decks.
  • Continue superstructure construction; set beams, form and pour diaphragms.
  • Continue setting stay-in-place (SIP) forms for decks.
  • Form and pour bridge parapet walls.
  • Form and pour barrier wall footer for MSE wall.
  • Lift and set drop in beams at main span, form for closure pours and prepare for post tensioning.
  • Continue roadway construction.
  • Excavate and install¬† drainage along Kanner Highway.
  • Mix subgrade on east bridge approach and Kanner Highway.
  • Begin construction of curbs and place coquina base for Kanner Highway.
  • Grade swale and place sod.
  • Install mast arms, traffic signals and pull conductors for Kanner Highway and Mapp Road intersections.
  • Install foundations for light poles on the east and west side of the project.
  • Continue casting girders.
  • Install landscaping.


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