LIST: New Florida state laws take effect July 1


(Source: WFLA)

From WFLA: Gov. Rick Scott signed 234 and vetoed 11 of the 245 bills passed by the Florida Legislature in its regular and special sessions this year.

The new laws include Florida’s $82 billion budget, along with a package offering $91.6 million in tax breaks during the upcoming year.

Commercial delivery by drones, new rules for Uber and Lyft, boat docking and expressing religious beliefs at schools are among the new laws taking effect in Florida on Saturday.

Students and teachers will be allowed to express their religious beliefs at public schools. The new education law also sets aside money for charter schools.

A new law adds additional guidelines to where boaters can anchor or moor their boats.

Plus a new liquor law “authorizes minors employed by specified businesses to sell beer and wine under certain circumstances.”

Here is a list of legislation that takes effect July 1:

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