LATEST: Prostitution ring busted; three face human-trafficking charges


Maradiaga (left), Gomez-Chilel, and Estrada (right): Authorities say Maradiaga, 31, has been running the prostitution business since taking it over about four years ago when his brother was deported to their native Honduras on prostitution-related charges. He has been in custody at the Martin County Jail since May 6, when deputies arrested him on charges of deriving support from prostitution, maintaining a house of prostitution and offering another for prostitution. Martin County investigators also arrested Walter Godoy, 42, on similar charges May 5. (Source: Palm Beach Post)

From The Palm Beach Post: At trailer homes in suburban Lake Worth and in Martin County, Miguel Angel Alvarez Maradiaga oversaw the family business — brothels and prostitution houses, authorities said.

With the help of Martin County authorities, at least four men were arrested in one of the area’s most extensive investigations to date into human trafficking, which some have called modern-day slavery.

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