Lake Point Restoration wins $4.3 million judgment against Hurchalla

((Source: The Palm Beach Post)

The Lake Point saga dates to 2008 when the company bought about 2,200 acres in far western Martin County near Lake Okeechobee that was slated for a polo community. The purchase price was a $47.7 million. The current total market value for tax purposes is about $23.6 million, according to the Martin County property appraiser. (Source: The Palm Beach Post)


From The Palm Beach Post:  It was a showdown with Florida flair — a Martin County business with billionaire backing versus a 77-year-old environmentalist with a constitution as tough as Dade County Pine.

For eight days, the case of mining company Lake Point Restoration against storied Everglades protector Maggy Hurchalla played out in front of a jury asked to decide whether their conflict was that of a company wronged by a conservationist’s influence over public officials, or a well-heeled entrepreneur with a grudge and the money to satisfy it in a prolonged legal rumble.

“You must decide if sending emails to county commissioners was a proper method of exercising Mrs. Hurchalla’s right to free speech,” said Hurchalla’s attorney, Virginia Sherlock, who emphasized that Hurchalla is a private citizen not responsible for keeping Martin County officials in compliance with open records laws. “There is not a single shred of evidence that Maggy acted out of malice or ill will toward Lake Point.”

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