Jupiter Island police force: ‘The chief must go’


Jupiter Island officers voted they have no confidence in their police chief. (Source: WPBF)  http://www.wpbf.com/article/local-police-force-the-chief-must-go/2112919

Officers with the Jupiter Island Public Safety Department have voted unanimously that they have no confidence in their police chief, Bob Garlo.

WPBF 25 News spoke to Garlo and he told us he was completely shocked.

He said he had no idea his officers were so unhappy and didn’t know anything about a vote of “no confidence” until we told him about it.

Garlo declined to go on camera to discuss the accusations.

For the complete story with video: http://www.wpbf.com/article/local-police-force-the-chief-must-go/2112919

From the Town of Jupiter Island website:

“The Public Safety Department operates from the Public Safety Building at 103 Bunker Hill Road (old Town Hall) and provides Police, Fire Rescue and EMS services within the Town’s municipal boundaries. All sworn officers are required to be certified in all three fields.Police activities include ensuring the safety and protection of Town residents and visitors while they are on the Island, responding to calls for service or assistance, and enforcing traffic safety laws and regulations.Fire and rescue activities include fire suppression, investigation and prevention along with response to hazardous materials incidents.

Our emergency medical treatment includes treating all medical issues from basic life support to Trauma, and Advanced Life Support services. Our Advanced Life Support is performed with the onsite assistance of Martin County Fire Rescue Advanced Life Support Paramedics. These services are available to our residents and visitors around the clock seven days per week.

Chief Bob Garlo, Public Safety Director:

  • Organizes and directs all operations within the Public Safety Department, analyzes crime prevention and fire safety problems, develops efficient solutions and adjusts departmental methods to meet new situations; and to improve existing operations and functions within the department
  • Authors and manages a yearly fiduciary/budget
  • Manages the Public Safety personnel to include the authoring of Policies and Procedures; General Orders; Florida Accreditation; the disciplinary system; the public safety human resource function; and the leadership system.
  • Assists with the Development Review Committee for all proposed construction projects within the town assuring Public Safety and emergency response capability for all residents.
  • Is the direct community liaison for our residents for the Town.”


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