Jupiter Island golfing great Greg Norman on the hunt for Australian home

Norman might be interested in the Rothvale Vineyard and Winery in the Hunter Valley.(Source: The Weekly Times)

From The Weekly Times (AU): Norman, who was born in Mount Isa in Outback Queensland, far away from any beach, owns a 2400sqm Florida mansion home, known as Tranquility.

It is on the ultra-exclusive Jupiter Island.

Featuring its own putting green, it was listed with US$55 million hopes last year. He paid $4.9 million in 1991.

He apparently spent rainy Sundays in Florida checking out realestate.com.au for the current offerings. 

For the complete story: http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/real-estate/greg-norman-on-the-hunt-for-australian-home/news-story/9dc870b80824e2092ec0130947b38704

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