International Business Times: More on the longest-ever Isis ‘kill list’ that includes 643 Floridians


It still remains unclear as to why these specific people have been targeted in the list. (Source: International Business Times)

The list contains personal information, including names, email and actual addresses of around 8,138 people. Most of the addresses listed are believed to belong to people who reside in the US, Canada and Australia, 7,848 of whom were found to be US residents. Of those, 1,445 were found to reside in California, 643 in Florida…

According to a study by security firm Flashpoint, the UCC is the result of a merger of several pro-Islamic State (Isis) hacker groups, namely the Caliphate Cyber Army, the Sons Caliphate Army and the Kalashnikov team. However, despite pooling their resources, the Flashpoint report indicated that the group’s efforts remained unsophisticated and incompetent.

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