Insensitive, clumsy columnist mocks fatal amoeba awareness


Naegleria fowleri is acquired when infected water is forcibly aspirated into the nose. This can occur through recreational swimming, diving, or during sports like water skiing.

(Thanks to local attorney and civic activist Ginny Sherlock, who has alerted  residents about dangers of the Extreme Sports water ski lake proposal, and has provided the following readers’ comments under Campbell’s recent column.)
July 8, 2012 5:47 p.m.          Kyles_Mom writes:

Mr. Campbell, although there are sharks in the ocean, they are not typically swimming on the beach with the rest of us. When it’s lightening outside, we tend to go inside to protect ourselves from that rare lightning strike…however, some shark attacks and lightning strikes are survivable! If this water amoeba enters your nose, you will die! And there will not be a large fin or a storm coming to warn you. There is too little known about this ‘rare’ amoeba and we know it is under-diagnosed due to the lack of information. You see, it’s typically after a person has lost brain activity or their life that the amoeba is finally found…if it’s found at all. That’s what happened to my boy. That’s what happened to many other grieving parents’ children. Whether it’s a lake, river, hot spring, creek, river, neti-pot, or water park…this amoeba is 99% deadly, but 100% preventable. My husband will be offering more on amoeba awareness at the meeting this week. We started a foundation after Kyle’s death simply to make others aware of this risk…you can choose then what to do with it…you can choose then if your life or your child’s life is worth that deadly risk!


An earlier post was made by a mother in Minnesota who lost her daughter to the PAM amoeba in 2008.  These folks are clearly picking up news items that mention the infection via a search engine alert, and folks all over the country who have had family or friends experience the tragedy of PAM will be watching how Martin County Commissioners handle the issue on Tuesday.


Repeated staff recommendations for denial, objections from the Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Turnpike Enterprise, and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, blatant violations of key provisions of our comprehensive plan, breach of the services boundary, and overwhelming public opposition to the Extreme Sports proposal have thus far failed to move the majority.


It is inconceivable that the pleas of these mothers can be ignored by Commissioners Hayes, Ciampi and Smith.

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