If you must talk politics at Thanksgiving, here’s how

For a political exchange with loved ones, what’s needed isn’t a preemptive understanding of your interlocutor’s views, it’s a conversational approach that combines humility, tact, and respect. (Source: The Atlantic)

On Thanksgiving, it’s usually best if you don’t talk politics. The subject tends to aggravate people, and it’s very unlikely that anyone’s mind will be changed. So don’t do it, advises The Atlantic, including 10 unsatisfying rules for disagreeing with friends and family over the holidays.

Of course, most people who argue about politics at Thanksgiving aren’t actually interested in understanding how others think, or learning anything, or even persuading anyone. They just like to argue.

For the 10 rules and the complete article: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2013/11/if-you-must-talk-politics-at-thanksgiving-heres-how/281847/

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