Huffington Post: Stuart event marks move away from progressive roots toward traditional sales

A “cash mob” is scheduled for August 30, downtown Stuart. (Source: Huffington Post)

Last year, consumers  adopted the “flash mob” concept — random strangers agreeing via social media to gather and burst into one joyful coordinated action — as a means to support their local businesses with so-called “cash mobs,” where a big rush of customers would coordinate to swarm a nearby small business to boost its sales.

Yet there’s little spontaneity surrounding the Aug. 30 cash mob scheduled in downtown Stuart, organized not in typical grassroots fashion, but by the Martin County Social Media Group in cooperation with several local businesses. The event is pre-planned and the cash mobbers must pay in advance to reserve a spot. For $30, attendees will get wine and dinner at Osceola Street Cafe, a fashion show put on by The Gauze Shop, dessert at Hoffman’s Chocolates and an after-party at Downtown Duffy’s.

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