Hobe Sound’s Burt Reynolds: ‘Friends fear Hollywood legend could have just weeks to live…’

Last year, Burt was forced to auction off $2.5 million worth of personal memorabilia after a bank foreclosed on his Hobe Sound home. Once worth $15 million, it’s now valued at $2.8 million. (Source: The National Enquirer)

Friends fear Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds could have just weeks to live as he battles health and money woes, according to The National Enquirer.

The 79-year-old “Deliverance” star looked startlingly frail, and hobbled along with a cane during a rare appearance at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia in May.

“Burt appeared to be in considerable pain,” revealed an eyewitness. “He’s withered to a shell of his former self.”

For the compete story: http://www.nationalenquirer.com/celebrity/broken-burt-reynolds-clinging-life

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