Help Palm City equine rescuers save mom, babies: ‘…this is the worst.’

The little filly. She’s had an eye injury, her eye is literally hanging out and bots (mosquito larvae) have made dents in there. (Source:

Mother Star and her 2 babies were rescued by the Martin County Sheriff’s Department and transported to Equine Rescue & Adoption Foundation (ERAF) in Palm City for care.The three came to the ERAF  from a farm in Indiantown. Found penned with other animals who mauled away at them. Attacked when they tried to eat. Scarred from frequent fights.

Randy Kinder, acting President of ERAF, said “They are learning for the first time in a long time what grass is, because there wasn’t a blade of grass in the paddock where they were.”

Kinder said, “We’ve had some bad ones, but this is the worst.”
While ERAF is busy getting to work to bring all these horses back to health, the babies need names. For a $10.00 donation, you too can enter the ERAF “Double Baby Naming Contest” for a chance to  win a new 2012 ERAF tee shirt, a slide show featuring you and the babies  and more wonderful prizes. Visit to name and donate.

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