Go native: save time, money, energy and conserve natural resources

The Martin County Chapter of the Florida Native Plant Society meets Tuesday, March 6 at 7:00 pm at the Environmental Studies Center, 2900 Indian River Drive, Jensen Beach ( just south of Ocean Breeze Park).

Mark Perry of the the Florida Oceanographic Society will speak on Aquifers and water supply.  Mark is an ardent conservationist and  has long fought for Everglades restoration and water quality issues locally.

On Saturday March 10, Tony Chatowsky will lead a field trip in Halpatiokee Park. Tony’s knowledge and ability to find some of the best native wildflowers has made previous forays into Halpatiokee great learning experiences.

For more information, contact Marge Gasser at 772-283-1379.  The chapter’s website is: http://www.fnps.org/pages/chapters/chapterpg.php?keyword=Cocoplum#

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