Full speed ahead for Jupiter Island’s Greg Norman


Hall of Fame golfer Greg Norman recently conducted a clinic sponsored by OMEGA at Turnberry Isle in Aventura. Besides offering golf tips, Norman spoke about the state of the PGA Tour and his new role as the lead analyst for FOX Sports at next month’s U.S. Open.  (Source: The Sun-Sentinel)

From The Sun-Sentinel: Not even a potentially debilitating chainsaw accident could slow down Greg Norman. Norman was trimming a sea grape tree behind his Jupiter Island home in September when the chainsaw accident occurred.

He was holding the device in his right hand and had cut a tree limb that he was holding in his left hand when the weight of the limb caused his left arm to drop and hit the chainsaw blade.

Among Norman’s many golf tips: Learn the proper grip pressure by swinging a golf club with a wet grip. Learn the speed of a green by putting with your eyes closed and keeping them closed until you think the ball has stopped rolling. To relax when you address the ball, you should feel “like a nicely cooked piece of spaghetti.” When hitting a shot, pick out the smallest target possible, which keeps you focused on where you want the ball to go rather than on trees, water and bunkers.

For the complete story: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/golf/fl-golf-norman-column-0510-20150508-story.html

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