The Slappee with Slapp Protector attorneys Howard Heims and Ginny Sherlock on a court ordered inspection tour of Lake Point. (Source:

From Maggy Hurchalla, a 20-year Martin County Commissioner, an active member of numerous Governor Commissions on the Everglades, water and planning, a lifelong advocate for wetlands preservation, a winner of national, state and local environmental and conservation awards regarding wetlands, land planning, water studies; she is a resident of Rocky Point:

On February 14, 2018 a Martin County jury found me guilty of tortious interference with the Interlocal Agreement between the County and the SFWMD.

They assessed damages of $4.33 million dollars.

Lake Point argued that there were no first amendment rights when a citizen criticized a government contract after it was signed if it was a contract that could not be terminated “at will.”

They argued that sending emails to commissioners’ home email address was illegal.

 The judge told the jury that they could infer that there were emails that I had hidden that could prove Lake Point’s assertion that I had conspired against them.

 He told them they could consider those non-existent emails as evidence.

Lake Point repeatedly told the jury that Martin County’s apology to Lake Point proved that they had been wronged.

They told the jury that Lake Point was a small family owned business and convinced the judge to order that there be no mention of the billionaire Lindemann family’s power and wealth.

Judge Roby’s instructions to the jury should be alarming to anyone who thought they could complain to their elected representatives about a bad contract or point out perceived violations of a contract.

My lawyers were honest Davids against a team of unprincipled Goliaths who had argued earlier in the case that they had litigation privilege and were not required to tell the truth.

I’m too tall to be David. George Lindemann Jr. is too small to be Goliath. That said, attorneys at the county concluded that the Lindemanns had spent $10 million dollars to crush opposition and bully SFWMD and the County into expensive settlement agreements.

I am eternally grateful to my attorneys Ginny Sherlock and Howard Heims, who gave a good part of their lives for the last five years to this case.

The wave of support along with chocolates and hugs and flowers has been overwhelming.

 The roomful of people who sat through the long trial made me feel like they had my back.

We kept the faith. We fought the good fight. We will finish the race.

We will appeal.

I don’t believe we can let a biased judge and a vengeful billionaire redefine first amendment rights.

I will need your financial support.

Thank you for having my back,

Maggy Reno Hurchalla


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