‘Freeloader list’ grows on Jupiter Island

“After Richard Tuggle, a Santa Monica, Calif., screenwriter, inherited his parents’ home in Jupiter Island, Fla., 10 years ago, he rented it out part time.

But he found friends started to tag along when he went there for holidays. He hasn’t actually invited anyone, but friends say, ‘Oh, when are you going to Jupiter Island? We might want to come when you’re there.’

‘I had eight freeloaders over Thanksgiving, Christmas and spring,’ he says with a laugh. ‘The freeloader list seems to be growing each year.’

So far, Mr. Tuggle is happy to have company in the two-bedroom home, a five-minute walk from the beach. But he does take note of the way guests show their gratitude. ‘If they leave a bike as a gift, they are welcome back,” he says. “If they just leave hair in the tub, they’re not.'”

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