PBPost: Former ‘Bircher baby’ at Dem Women’s Club of Martin offers views on today’s Tea Party

Claire Conner: “Life with two activist Bircher parents ‘was like a cult.'” (Source: Palm Beach Post)



From Sally Swartz, award-winning blogger at The Palm Beach Post: Don’t laugh at the radical right, said Claire Conner, whose parents were movers and shakers in the John Birch Society, “the most powerful and effective right wing organization America ever has seen.”

“Don’t laugh,” Conner told the Democratic Women’s Club of Martin County at a Stuart meeting. “It worked for them then. It works for them today.”

The 2014 election, she said, is “critical, the most important year since I’ve been born.” She urged the Martin group to support Democrats. “If Republicans take control of the Senate,” she said, “they will impeach the president.”

For the complete entry: http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/opinionzone/2014/02/16/former-bircher-baby-offers-views-on-todays-right-wing-extremists/

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