Florida Trend: A sense of closure for Skip Clements of Stuart

“I can go outside and breathe,” says Skip Clements after hearing that accountant Joseph Rizzuti will be serving time. (Source: Florida Trend)

Sit long enough by the river, the proverb goes, and the body of your enemy will float by.

For nearly 13 years, Henry T. “Skip” Clements, 62, of Stuart, has done more than sit by the river.

Clements rose to prominence after China selected his company to be the sole exporter of Florida citrus into the giant nation. Clements “literally could save Florida’s $8-billion local citrus industry,” one reporter wrote. Others believed the Chinese were insincere and just used the Clements deal to ease criticism over its trade policies.

For the complete story: http://www.floridatrend.com/article/16287/a-sense-of-closure-for-skip-clements

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