Florida is at high risk for the Zika virus


From Vox Science and Health: In Florida, 12 individuals have tested positive for the Zika virus — the mosquito-borne disease that’s currently raging across Central and South America.

Dengue fever — sometimes called “breakbone” fever for its intensity … took hold in Martin County, on Florida’s Atlantic coast in 2013.

Twenty-eight people were infected there.

After it became apparent that dengue was spreading, the local mosquito control agency sprung into action:

  • Deployed ground-level insecticide sprayers to kill adult mosquitoes
  • Visited homes and businesses, looking for areas where the mosquitoes could breed, and then destroyed those habitats
  • Urged residents to keep their properties clear of mosquito breeding areas
  • Urged everyone to take precautions like wearing bug repellent

For the complete story and video: http://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2016/2/5/10922258/florida-zika-risk

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