Florida getting bigger, but is it really better?

Vintage Florida postcard, c.1958


To understand the impact of Florida becoming the third-largest state, you have to understand how comparatively little time it took to happen.

In 1960, Florida’s population was 5 million. The state was smaller than Massachusetts. New York was nearly three times larger. Illinois and Ohio were roughly twice as large, and Pennsylvania was larger still.

During the Great Recession, a Wall Street Journal headline asked “Is Florida Over?” as more people were moving out than were moving in. But for the year ending last July 1, the Census Bureau calculated, Florida grew by almost 300,000 people — to nearly 20 million, displacing New York and putting the state behind just California and Texas.

For the complete commentary in The Sun-Sentinel: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/opinion/commentary/fl-rsscol-oped0110-20150109-story.html

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