FEMA changing coastal flood zones on Treasure Coast

To view the interactive map: http://geoweb.martin.fl.us/flood_prelim/(Source: WPTV)


From WPTV: As Texas residents wait for their chance to begin cleaning and rebuilding their homes following catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Harvey, some flood victims will begin that struggle without the assistance of flood insurance.

Not all homes impacted by flood waters were in flood zones, where flood insurance is required.

On the Treasure Coast, FEMA is remapping areas that will fall under coastal flooding zones, changing which homes and neighborhoods will and will not be required to buy the added flood protection.

For the complete story and to view the interactive maps:  http://www.wptv.com/news/region-martin-county/fema-changing-coastal-flood-zones-on-treasure-coast-some-homeowners-will-save-money

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