Exclusive: Digital Domain’s Textor quietly liquidates real estate

The house at 2959 SE St. Lucie Boulevard in Stuart that ex-Digital Domain CEO John Textor bought in a stock swap last year was sold for $2.75 million this week (Source: Jose Lambiet’s Gossip Extra)

While a bankruptcy court is selling Digital Domain Media Group’s assets this week, the movie special-effects company’s disgraced ex-boss is unloading some of his riches. John Textor parlayed his local political contacts into millions in taxpayers’ money to settle Digital Domain Media Group in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, quietly sold one of his Martin County properties, Jose Lambiet reports exclusively in Gossip Extra.

Textor originally got the house in a $3.5 million land-for-DDMG-shares swap with Colorado-based investor Philip Frey.

For the complete details: http://gossipextra.com/2012/11/28/digital-domain-john-textor-sells-house-2063/

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