EXCLUSIVE: Despite exorcism, Rosie O’Donnell won’t buy Newton-John’s Jupiter Island house

Olivia Newton-John’s cleansing ceremony didn’t convince Rosie O’Donnell to buy her house after suicide (Source: Gossip Extra)

TV talker Rosie O’Donnell rescinded her contract to buy actress Olivia Newton-John’s  house just days after a contractor committed suicide on the Jupiter Inlet Colony property on Jupiter Island, Jose Lambiet of Gossip Extra has learned exclusively.

And the decision came despite Newton-John and her entourage reportedly holding a spiritual cleansing akin to an exorcism to cast the suicide victim’s spirit from the house.

The house, at 104 Lighthouse Drive, is back on the market for $6.2 million.

For the complete story: http://gossipextra.com/2013/09/03/rosie-odonnell-refuses-buy-olivia-newton-john-house-exorcism-2924/

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