EXCLUSIVE: Brightline train derailed in Feb., causing $408K in damage


Off-duty officers man the FEC tracks as Brightline upgrades the signal system for its tracks in downtown West Palm Beach. The company’s trains are expected to reach speeds of up to 79 mph between Miami and West Palm Beach; 110 mph between West Palm Beach and Cocoa Beach; and 125 mph between Cocoa and Orlando. (Source: Palm Beach Post)

From The Palm Beach Post: “Soon after this incident, AAF officials attended not one but two state legislative hearings about rail safety and never once disclosed facts about the derailment, while they sought to table the safety legislation under consideration,” said Brent Hanlon, Chairman of Citizens Against Rail Expansion, also known as CARE-FL, a Treasure Coast-based group that has been fighting the Brightline project.

In a statement issued Monday, Brightline called the incident “minor,” adding that it occurred at a facility owned by the rail line.

“As confirmed by the Federal Railroad Administration, Brightline followed all applicable rules by providing prompt notification about the minor incident that occurred on its private property,” a company spokesperson said. “This is another baseless fear tactic by Treasure Coast consultants.”

For the complete story: http://www.mypalmbeachpost.com/business/exclusive-brightline-train-derailed-feb-causing-408k-damage/x7BZxFM1vjNgMw3BnmTmnO/

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