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From Ginny Sherlock, renowned local attorney, civic activist, and former Associated Press editor: The Harmony development team is continuing to push the pitch for the April 24 BCC meeting that Commissioners are not being asked to “approve” Harmony comp plan amendment and re-zoning requests but only to transmit the amendment to the state for comment and review.

Of course, in order to send a proposal to the state for review, it must first be “approved” by the BCC.  Transmittal is not automatic.

Section 163.3184(11), Florida Statutes, requires an affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the BCC to transmit a proposed amendment to the state for review.  If transmittal to the state did not require approval by the BCC, there would be no statutory requirement for a public hearing and a majority vote to transmit.

Additionally, the state’s review is limited to specific impacts on certain state resources.  It is up to local government elected officials to determine whether a proposal is appropriate for our community.

Both Harmony and the Pineland Prairie proposal are on the BCC agenda for April 24 to consider approving Comprehensive Plan amendments for transmittal to the state.  

Staff recommends approval of the Pineland Prairie proposal for transmittal to the state but recommends denial of the Harmony proposal.

Knight Kiplinger has been speaking with citizen organizations as well as government officials to promote Pineland Prairie.

Tom Kenny has been lobbying for Harmony, relying on Commissioner Harold Jenkins to steer him to individuals with whom he should speak.  Jenkins referred Kenny to representatives of the Guardians of Martin County, Preserve Martin,  and the Jupiter Island Residents Association.

See the e-mail chain below:

From: Thomas Kenny <>
Re: Harmony CPA 18-1 & 18-2
Date: April 10, 2018 – 09:06 am
Good Morning Gentlemen:
Not having your individual phone numbers and knowing how busy all of you are, and knowing your interest in our community, I send this email in hope that we might be able to better explain the Harmony concept to you.  
Although the Harmony property is in Tropical Farms, over nine miles away from Hobe Sound, about the same distance to Jupiter/Tequesta and Stuart, there is some interest in just what it is, or is not.
The Harmony application is for a text amendment  allowing for a logical extension of urban services to a property adjacent to the existing district boundaries and a land use change asking for exactly what our neighbors, Florida Club and Foxwood, have.  The property abuts South Fork High School and Christ Fellowship church campuses.  
Harmony can be best described as a very low density residential neighborhood with a community commercial center, much like your corner shopping center.  It will have a density of less than one unit per acre. It offers more than 50% of its area, almost 1500 acres, as permanent open space. It will have at buildout, some 20 years from now, less units than are served by Gomez Avenue, about the same as Mariner Sands/Heritage Ridge.
The public hearing scheduled for April 24th, is to transmit our application to the State for their review and comment.  It is NOT a project approval hearing, in fact the County can NOT approve without State review.
I have attached an illustrative site plan for your review and would welcome the opportunity to meet with each of you individually or in groups.  Thank you for taking time to read this.  I hope to meet all of you soon.
Tom Kenny
From: Thomas Kenny <>
To: Harold Jenkins <>
Cc: Colleen Pachowicz <>
Re: Hobe Sound
Date: April 09, 2018 – 12:39 pm
—–Original Message—–
From: Harold Jenkins <>
To: Thomas Kenny <>
Cc: Colleen Pachowicz <>
Date: Mon, Apr 9, 2018 12:02 pm
Subject: Re: Hobe Sound
Mr. Kenny,
Contacts which would be important to be informed in the Hobe Sound Community would be:
The Guardians,
Greg Braun – – Executive Director
Peter Conze – – Pres
Tony Zunino – – Vice Pres
Len Suscy – – Board Member
Preserve Martin County (PMC)
Bob Critton – – Pres
Pat Martin – – Vice Pres
Mike Banas – – Sec/tres – Also chair of Hobe Sound NAC
Harry McArther –
Jupiter Island Residence association:
Chris Smith is the Pres but I don’t have his contact info. Gene Rauth would be a good start.
Gene Rauth –
Some Informational community outreach at St. Christopher’s hall or the civic center seems would be appreciated by the community.
Obviously talking to Mr. Reed would be important.
Sent from my iPad
On Apr 6, 2018, at 2:04 PM, Thomas Kenny <> wrote:
Thanks for meeting with me.  I appreciate your offer to steer me to the people I need to talk to in Hobe Sound.  Who would they be?
Do they realize you are not being asked to approve anything on April 24?  Just transmit an application for review and comment from State?
Thanks again.

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