Dr. Acer’s deadly secret: How AIDS joined the lives of a Jensen Beach dentist and his patients


Kimberly Ann Bergalis (January 9, 1968 – December 8, 1991) was one of six patients infected with HIV after visiting David J. Acer, a Jensen Beach dentist who had AIDS. This incident is the first known case of clinical transmission of HIV. She stirred a national debate over AIDS testing when she became the first known case of a patient contracting the virus from a health care worker. She was 23 years old when she died. (Source: Pinterest)

This story was originally published in The Palm Beach Post on Sunday, September 29, 1991. [Warning: Be prepared to be mad. And sad.]:

Dr. David Acer decorated his Jensen Beach office with children’s drawings, stick-figured kids playing under splashy suns. “To Daddy. Love, Mike,” one crayon inscription read.

“Your son did such a neat drawing,” patient Barbara Webb said.

“Thanks,” the dentist said.

But Acer didn’t have any children. Acer had secrets.

And the lives of five people have become chapters in history because they all had the same dentist, the AIDS dentist, David Acer.

For the complete story: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/lifestyles/dr-acers-deadly-secret-how-aids-joined-lives-denti/npgD7/

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