Digital Domain scam: Textor exploited student labor for private profit

John Textor: “30 percent of the workforce at our digital studio down in Florida, is not only going to be free, with student labor, it’s going to be labor that’s actually paying us for the privilege of working on our films.” (Source: New Times)

New Times investigates and reveals how ex-Digital Domain CEO John Textor exploited students: Slaves, at least, got room and board. On John Textor’s digital plantation, the labor was going to pay the boss for the privilege of making him rich. For all the weeping and wailing over the demise of Digital Domain, the govt- subsidized “film school” that crashed and burned in West Palm Beach and Port St. Lucie, and amid all the self-justifying jaw-flapping of the public officials who were complicit, the sleaziest aspect of con man Textor’s scuzzy scam has gone completely unremarked locally: the exploitation of student labor for private profit.

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