Did Ponce de Leon really land at Jupiter Inlet?

Juan Ponce de Leon turned into the Jupiter Inlet and met the fierce and hostile Jobe Indians. At first the Indians appeared to be friendly and called the Spanish sailors to shore. When Juan Ponce de Leon went ashore, the Jobe Indians immediately “tried to take his boat, the oars, and their weapons.” (Source: Town of Jupiter)

TCPalm’s Eve Samples details the “Viva Florida 500” arguments for several different landing sites: Jupiter Island almost was omitted from the debate about Ponce de Leon’s arrival — until longtime island resident John Payson spoke up. “I said, ‘I’m here to make a claim for the town of Jupiter Island and the Jupiter Inlet,'” recalled Payson, an art dealer who is planning a daylong celebration on Jupiter Island for April 2.

He half-jokingly pointed to evidence of a Fountain of Youth-like water supply on the island, where many residents outlive average life expectancies. “Johnny Carson said Jupiter Island is the place that old people go to visit their grandparents,” Payson told me last week, smiling.

For the complete column: http://www.tcpalm.com/news/2012/dec/16/did-de-leon-really-land-at-jupiter-inlet/

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