Crime alert from MC Sheriff: Broward’s ‘Felony Lane Gang’ car burglars target Martin

(Source: MCSO)

Sheriff William Snyder alerts residents to a new group of thieves targeting Martin County: They call themselves the “Felony Lane Gang.” This group is a spinoff of the Pillowcase Burglars coming out of Broward County. 

The Felony Lane Gang typically exits the interstate and targets parks, playgrounds and beaches. They burglarize a number of cars every time they pass through an area, looking for purses, wallets, cash and other valuables. They are mainly seeking checkbooks, debit cards, and driver’s licenses. 

Why? Because they have come up with a system where they go from bank to bank and cash checks, using one victim’s check or debit card and another person’s identification. They have been successful because they typically drive through the bank lane that is the farthest from the teller window, so it is difficult for the teller to see who is in the car. The thieves refer to that lane as the “Felony Lane.”

Investigators say the Felony Lane Gang typically works two or three people to a vehicle. They often use rental or borrowed cars with dark tinted windows and strike at all times of the day, including weekends and evenings when parks are busy with various sporting events. They use a glass punch to break the car window and then commit the crime quickly. 

We have information that the Pillowcase Burglars are calling Martin County “Hot”, (too risky to commit residential burglaries). They are finding these car burglaries to be less risky and equally as lucrative. So now we must act to make sure that our county becomes “hot” for car burglaries as well.

Deputies have already arrested two Felony Lane Gang members, shortly after receiving intelligence that the group was targeting Martin County.

Sheriff Snyder is urging everyone NOT to keep any valuables inside your vehicles, especially your purse or wallet. Putting these items in the trunk WILL NOT stop them. If you notice a suspicious car cruising the park, beach or public parking area, get a vehicle description and a tag number, then call 9-1-1 immediately.  

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