A new member for the Martin $100,000+ Club



TO: Honorable Members of the Board of

County Commissioners

DATE: March 22, 2011

FROM: Taryn G. Kryzda

County Administrator

SUBJECT: Assistant County Administrator Position I am very pleased to make you aware of the selection of Mr. Roger Baltz for the position of the Assistant County Administrator. Mr. Baltz will be bringing eighteen years of public sector experience, mostly in Florida. I have included Mr. Baltz’s resume for your information.

Mr. Baltz will be joining my management team on April 18, 2011 at a salary of $118,000 and a car allowance of $375.00 per month [that’s $122,500.00 a year].

Mr. Baltz will be introduced at the April 19, 2011 Board of County Commissioner’s meeting.

Cc: Leadership Team


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