Constitution Revision Commission proposes eight initiatives for voters in November

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission

From The Tallahassee Democrat: Here are the Commission’s eight proposals for the November ballot:

1.       Proposal 6001 inserts additional rights of crime victims in the Constitution similar to  Marsy’s Laws in six other states. It provides for victims the right to be heard in court and to be notified of bail and parole decisions. The measure also mandates how a judge interprets state law in disputes between an agency and private party and increases the retirement age for a judge.

2.       Proposal 6002 is a three-pronged initiative that would require a supermajority vote of the Board of Governors and university trustees to raise existing fees or impose a new one, provide a governing system for the State College System and give college scholarships to survivors of certain first responders and members of the military.

3.      Proposal 6003 combines term limits for school board members with a mandate to teach civic literacy in public schools and allows the state to approve and supervise charter schools instead of the local school board. 

4.      Proposal 6004 prohibits drilling for exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas in specified coastal waters and vaping in enclosed workspaces including restaurants.

5.       Proposal 6005 moves the start of the Legislature’s annual session to the first Monday in January of even-numbered years. The initiative would also establish a Department of Veterans Affairs in the Constitution, create an Office of Counterterrorism and require charter counties to elect their sheriff and tax collectors.

6.       Proposal 6006 removes a couple of never enforced provisions in the Florida Constitution. A 1926 ban prohibiting immigrants not eligible for citizenship to own or inherit real property, known as an alien land law, was invalidated by the U.S. Supreme Court more than 60-years ago.  Other states repealed their versions but Florida’s law remains on the book. Proposal 6006 would remove it and another provision regarding the development of a high-speed ground transportation system from the state’s governing document.

7.       Proposal 6007 is an ethics package that would make state and local officials wait six years before they could begin lobbying the government for which they had worked. It also mandates that government officials are not to use their office to receive a “disproportionate benefit” for themselves or relatives. It would be up to the Florida Commission on Ethics to define a disproportionate benefit.

8.       Proposal 6012 would phase out greyhound racing by 2020.

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