Communicating the costs of new development: a public service from Price of Sprawl

Check out the Sprawl Cost Calculator ( to compute the costs of new residential development, and to communicate the taxpayer costs. Think of recently proposed new developments or some approved in the last couple of years, and use the Sprawl Cost Calculator to compute the numbers.  Then share these costs with politicians, media and neighbors. And remind everyone that they are paying most of these costs, not the new residents or the developer. In conjunction with this new work, please inform Price of Sprawl about any residential developments proposed or  approved within the last couple years.  Help to keep Price of Sprawl up-to-date on what is happening in your community.

Please provide:

–        the development name,

–        number of homes,

–        key issues,

–        status of approval, and

–        organizations or people who oppose it.

If you this information is not available or incomplete, just send what you know and Price of Sprawl will research the rest:


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