Commissioners reaffirm commitment to fighting All Aboard Florida


The Martin County Board of County Commissioners just voted unanimously to support continued funding to fight All Aboard Florida. (Source: CARE FL)

Today, the Martin County Board of County Commissioners vigorously and unanimously recommitted financial resources for the continued fight against the proposed All Aboard Florida (AAF) rail project.
Commission Chair Anne Scott said, “The community is completely united in their opposition to AAF.”
Commissioners unanimously approved allocating an additional $850,000 in 2016 to support the completion of the litigation that is currently in process and to continue the County’s engagement efforts with state and federal regulatory agencies during the 2016 year.
One year ago, Commissioners allocated $1.4 million in an attempt to protect its citizens from what it believes is a project that will cause long-lasting and irreparable harm to the community.
To date approximately $1.13 million has been spent. The remainder of the $1.4 million will continue to be allocated to the project.

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