Comm. Sarah Heard atty: ‘ Act of retaliation’ will be answered by full vindication at trial by jury

“Ms. Wagner was born and raised right here in the city of Stuart, so she feels a deep connection to the community and a passion for helping its people.” (Source:

Stuart attorney Barbara Kibbey Wagner, representing Commissioner Sarah Heard, has released the following statement:

Commissioner Sarah Heard, for more than 15 years, has been a tireless advocate, seeking to protect and preserve the environment and special community of Martin County that we all enjoy.

This has made her the target of attacks from big land developers and “big business”.

The indictment yesterday, while unfortunate, came as no surprise to Comm. Heard and the Defense.

We feel that this indictment was purely an act of retaliation after Comm. Heard refused to plead guilty and resign from office for the noncriminal citation- a charge that she was given no evidence or facts from the State Attorney’s office.  

We fully intend to make the retaliation issue a matter for the Court to decide in the upcoming weeks. 

Comm. Heard thanks the community for their outpouring of support during this time, and looks forward to a full vindication at her trial by jury.

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