Citizens receiving large number of fraudulent calls, scammer threatens arrest if you don’t pay



The Martin County Sheriff’s Office would like to alert residents to a large number of fraudulent calls that are taking place in the Jensen Beach area.

The calls are the classic missed jury duty, IRS, and utility shut off scams.

The caller claims to have a warrant for your arrest, and threatens to have you taken into custody immediately, if you do not pay a certain dollar amount over the phone, or have money wired to a various location.

The utilities scammer threatens to shut down your power if you don’t pay.

Although the caller ID says the phone call is coming from a local exchange, the number is spoofed.

The caller may appear intimidating, and at times forceful if you do not comply.

This is a scam.

A Code Red, 911 reverse call has been made to Jensen Beach residents warning them of the scams, and urging citizens NOT to give money to anyone who threatens action against you for any of these matters.

Sheriff Snyder himself has issued the recorded warning: The Sheriff’s office will never call you to collect money for missing jury duty, pay parking tickets, or to pay a bill.

If you have received , or do receive a call from someone threatening any type of action against you if you do not pay money, hang up.

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